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Sao Paolo metro guide

  • Sao Paolo metro is made up of five lines and several connecting stations, it's a relatively simple system but it can be quite confusing.
  • You can see all the points where you can connect to other lines on this map;

User submitted photo of Sao Paulo

Line 1- Blue

  • This line runs from north to south of the city. For a tourist you'll probably use this line when headed to Luz, Sao Bento monastery and municipal market and Portuguesa tiete bus terminal.

Line 2- Green

  • Runs from west to east and unlike its line 3 counterpart which also runs east-west, line 2 passes through most popular central neighborhoods.

Line 3 - Red

  • This one also runs east-west and is the most crowded line and one you should keep off during rush hours.

Line 4-Yellow line

  • From downtown Luz to the west

Line 5- Lilac line

  • This line just operates in the southern areas and has no connection to other lines.

Fare and Operating time

  • A single ride costs BRL 3.80 regardless of where you are headed to.
  • Getting a metro card (Bilhete Unico) works great too.
  • It gives you a maximum of 4 trips within two hours for BRL 5.92.
  • The card is sold at BRL 3.80 in metro stations.
  • The metro operates from 4.40 a.m to midnight from Sunday-Friday and up to on Saturday.