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Sao Paulo city transportation.

  • Sao Paulo has an extensive and relatively cheap public transport network.

Sao Paolo public transport network consists the following

  1. Metro
  2. Suburban train (CPTM)
  3. Buses
  4. Taxis
  5. Bicycles
  6. Electric scooters

Sao Paolo Metro and suburban train

  • Sao Paolo's metro and train is quite extensive and relatively easy to understand.
  • The metro has 5 lines and covers most of the inner city, the train covers the greater Sao Paulo metropolis that isn't covered by the metro.
  • Metro and CPTM operating time: 4 am -midnight
  • Metro and CPTM map


  • local buses operate thousands of different routes, there's no unified map like the the metro map making the bus network quite complex.
  • Inner city buses are run by SP trans and buses heading to city outskirts are run by EMTU. Bus routes are availabk
  • Fares paymement: You can pay either in cash or using a transport smart card (Bilhete Unico). The money sits inside the bus next to the turnstile at the entrance door.

User submitted photo of Sao Paulo

Bilhete Unico

  • Bilhete unico is Sao Paulo's transport payment smartcard. It's SP's version of oyster card.
  • It can be used on the metro, CPTM and SP trans buses.
  • Cards cost R$3.8 and allows up to four rides (one metro, 3 bus rides) for R$5.92 within a there hour period.
  • Metro and train rides cost R$3.5
  • You can order your card online, pick it up at any metro, train or bus station.
  • Recharge can be done in cash or by credit and debit cards at any automated payment machines or ticket booths. Recharge cannot be done on board.


  • Common taxi hailing in Sao Paulo:
  1. Uber
  2. 99 Taxi
  • For rides within Sao Paulo metropolis fares are relatively. If you're using taxis to get to a neraby city outside SP municipal there's an extra 50% surcharge


  • Sao Paulo has an extensive biking route network. For bike rentals check out Bike Sampa, they have stations all over Sao Paulo. Their bike rentals costs R$ 8.80 per day and R$ 29.90 per month.

Electric scooters

  • The only electric scooter service provider available in Sao Paulo currently is Jump. It's operated by uber and you can rent a scooter just using your Uber app.
  • Currently electric scooters are only available in Santos in the southern part of Sao Paulo.
  • Scooter unlocking fee is R$1.50 and rides cost R$0.75 per minute.