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Updated on Sep 11, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to Sentosa Island, Singapore

  • Singapore is quite small and highly developed, so you can imagine it's quite easy to get to anywhere in the country
  • Sentosa Island is located at the southern tip of Singapore, just 5km southwest of the downtown financial district area. Sentosa Island is of course where Universal Studios Singapore is located
  • There are two ways to get to Sentosa Island: by public transportation and by taxi. When I lived in Singapore my preference was to use the public transit, but I'll talk about them both

  • How to get to Sentosa Island (and Universal Studios) by public transportation:
  • The best way to get to Sentosa Island by public transportation is to use the MRT (the metro system) to get to HarbourFront Station, and then connect onto Sentosa Express monorail that takes you straight to the heart of Sentosa Island. This option is very cheap and it's the local way
  • Step 1: MRT to HarbourFront station:
  • HarbourFront station is located here just across the water from Sentosa Island. It's on both the Circular (orange) Line and Northeast (Purple) Line of the MRT
  • MRT is the name of the metro network in Singapore. It's very extensive and used by 3.5 millions people everyday to commute and get around the island. It's absolutely the best way to get around Singapore in general
  • This is a current map of the system from MRT's official websiteUser submitted photo of Sentosa Island
  • Fare varies by distance, but will cost no more than SGD$3 (USD$2.2) even from the opposite end of the island
  • Single-ride tickets for MRT can be easily purchased at each station with cash. But most locals use EZ Link card, which is a reloadable transportation card you can use on all forms of public transportation in Singapore. Note that you cannot use credit card to buy tickets or purchase EZ Link card, but if you have Visa or MasterCard contactless cards, you can just tap those cards directly into the station instead of buying a ticket
  • Step 2: Sentosa Express monorail from Sentosa Station
  • Once you get off at HarbourFront station, walk over to Sentosa Station, which is the departure station for the Sentosa Express monorail service.
  • Sentosa Station is located inside VivoCity Mall, which is a giant shopping center attached to HarbourFront station. Follow overhead signs for "VivoCity/Sentosa Express", which will point you to the Sentosa Express station: User submitted photo of Sentosa Island
  • The Sentosa Express station is located on level 3 of VivoCity. The entrance is very conspicuous. It's orange and has giant signs, like this:User submitted photo of Sentosa Island
  • Fare for Sentosa Express is SGD$4 (USD$2.90) per person. The return fare is free. In fact, once you get on Sentosa, you can use this monorail as much as you want for free. The only time it charges the $4 is for passengers to get onto Sentosa. You can pay by cash or EZ Link card. You can also buy it ahead of time from the official website with a credit card
  • Sentosa Express gets you to 3 stops on Sentosa Island:
  1. Resorts World station: get off here for Universal Studios, the water park, and the casinos
  2. Imbiah station: get off here for the Imbiah Lookout, which has a cluster of various attractions
  3. Beach: get off here for the beaches and various restaurants, pubs, and bars on the beaches
  • Again, once you're on Sentosa Island, you can use the monorail for free for as much as you want between Resorts World, Imbiah, Beach stations. You can also take it back to Sentosa Station / VivoCity for free.
  • Sentosa Express Hours: 7am to 10pm Monday-Thursday, 7am-midnight Friday-Sunday
  • Alternatives for Step 2: once you get to HarbourFront MRT station, instead of taking the Sentosa Express monorail, you also have the option of taking a cable car (for some spectacular views) or walking over to Sentosa Island (free until January 2021 then SGD$1)
  • Cable car (read Tripadvisor reviews for this option here): the Cable Car gets you to Merlion Station, which is next to the Imbiah monorail station. Price: this option costs SGD$35 (USD$25) per person for a round trip (I don't think they sell one-way tickets). But if you book the ticket through the official website ahead of time, it's only SGD$15 (USD$11). Hours: 8:45am to 10pm everyday. To get to the cable car station, exit from exit B of HarbourFront MRT station, and then follow signs for "Cable Car" or "Harbourfront Towers". The walk is about 8 minutes. This YouTube video shows a great step-by-step guide:
  • Walking via Sentosa Boardwalk (read Tripadvisor reviews for this options here): from VivoCity Mall, you can walk 600 meters (15 minutes) on the boardwalk to get onto Sentosa Island. Keep in mind that Singapore is very hot and humid, and the boardwalk is covered only about half the time. Price: free until January 2021 then SGD$1. To get to the boardwalk: follow signs in HarbourFront MRT station for VivoCity Mall, then get to level 1 of the mall. Exit the mall on the south (ocean-facing) side or follow signs for "Boardwalk" to exit the mall. Hours: open 24 hours. This video guide shows you what it's like:

  • How to get to Sentosa Island by taxi:
  • Taxi is of course the most convenient way to get to Sentosa Island, and it's not that expensive because Singapore is so small
  • Taxi should cost you around SGD$20-$30 (USD$15-$22) from most parts of southern Singapore (including the downtown area)
  • If you use Grab, it will be cheaper (Grab is like Uber in Southeast Asia). I highly recommend using Grab to get around instead of regular taxi
  • Note that if you go there by taxi, there's a SGD$2-$6 admission fee per car (not per person) that you will have to pay to get onto Sentosa Island