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Submitted on Feb 24, 2019 Useful Info

How to see the liquid rainbow

  • The Cano Cristales also the river of five colors features five vibrant colors: pink, red, yellow, green and blue and is located within the Serannia de la Macarena national park.

User submitted photo of Serannia De La Macarena

User submitted photo of Serannia De La Macarena

How to get there

  • Traveling to the park by road is difficult. It's easier to take a flight to La Macarena the main entry point to the park. From La Macarena there are a number of ways to get to the river on horsebacks, donkey backs, walking or taking a jeep.
  • It's safe to do a short canoe trip or hike around the river but always have a guide. However, you can travel independently (without the intervention of tour agencies) but you must be accompanied by a guide when going to the river.

Best time to visit

  • Between June to December is the best time to visit since it's wet and the colored underwater plants will have grown
  • NOTE: Tourists are prohibited from visiting the river within the dry months of between January-May.