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Submitted on Jun 26, 2018 Useful Info

Best ways to get around Shanghai

Shanghai is a very large city, however it's extremely well connected which makes Public Transportation the best option to get around. Meanwhile bike share is widely spread everywhere in China so that's also a great way to see the city with.

Some details


  • There are currently_lines, anywhere you want to go you can basically get there with metro plus a little bit of walking or biking. All the main touristic attractions and cool areas however are mostly right on the metro line
  • Cost is low, starts from 3rmb then increases with distance


  • Buses are mainly used by older Shanghainess people, drivers are not the most considerate, sometimes they don't press stop announcement promptly. I would avoid

Bike Share (Dock-less)

  • Bike share is the best way to get a sense of an area and visit all the little streets
  • You can pick up and drop them off anywhere, and they are everywehre
  • Cost around 1rmb/30min
  • You need internet on your phone to access the app for unlocking
  • See my tip on how to use bike share in China


  • Shanghai taxi looks just like any other country's taxi's, you can just hail them down - however they may not always stop, or may ask where you are going and choose not to take you (illegal but they don't care)
  • If you see an unoccupied Taxis not stopping for you, it's most likely because they are already booked by Didi(Chinese Uber)
  • It's common for taxi drivers to take you on detours in Shanghai. Make sure they use their GPS on the phone or show them the address on your map on the phone with GPS pulled out so they know you are following the journey
  • Vast majority of drivers don't speak English

Didi (Chinese Uber)

  • Download Didi if you will have data on your phone, it's almost essential for getting around
  • Hard to find one when it rains or during rush hour - road traffic during rush hour is horrible in Shanghai
  • See my tip on how to use Didi in China