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Updated on Nov 28, 2018 Useful Info

Best way to get to Shanghai Disneyland from downtown

  • Shanghai Disneyland is located about 40 minutes by car east of downtown Shanghai (it's actually closer to the Pudong Airport than it is to downtown)
  • If you have a family, the best way to get there is to grab a taxi from the city, as it's less hassle. The cost of a one-way trip by taxi from downtown Shanghai to Disneyland will be ¥200-¥250 ($30-$35) and in the morning rush hour it can take over an hour and half to get there
  • If you have fewer people, I think metro is the best way to get to Shanghai Disneyland:
  • It's cheap: taking the metro from downtown to Disneyland only costs ¥6 ($1) per person
  • It's convenient: the Disney Resort has its own metro station at the end of Line 11 (the brown line)
  • But it'll likely be slower than taxi: going from downtown to Disneyland takes 1-2 hours by metro, depending on where in downtown you're leaving from
  • How to get to Disneyland by metro:
  1. Find your nearest metro station with Google Maps
  2. Figure out how to get from that station to the "Disney" station, "迪士尼" in Chinese. The station is found towards the bottom right corner (south east corner) of the metro map. I found this website to be really good to figure out the transfers needed for Shanghai metro
  3. Once you get to the Disney station, get out from exit 1, walk west for 5-10 minutes and you'll see the castle. There's also a small information building right at the metro exit where you can get more info

Here's a map you can zoom in for more details