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Shanghai Tours: The Best of Shanghai's Historic Architecture at the Bund

"Shanghai is the world's greatest city," said CNN Travel. China Adventure Club offers its unique Shanghai historic tour, surveying Shanghai's hundred-year-old buildings from all over the world. History is more fascinating than scenery.

To understand the unique beauty of the Bund, you must calm down and savor it slowly. Therefore, even though he is shuttled among the bustling crowd, his heart is still very focused.

From this place facing the intersection of Yan'an East Road, walk down the flood wall, follow Zhongshan East Road, all the way to the north, and begin to cross the modern and classical interweaving.

Shanghai's Best Historic Buildings Tour (Part 1)

【Zhongshan Dongyi Road No. 1A / Zhongshan Dong Er Road No.1A: Bund Signal Station】

This building, which was initially neglected, was originally famous. It was the earliest Xujiahui Observatory in Shanghai, also known as the Bund Signal Tower, which was founded in February 1873. The outer wall of the signal station on the Bund is red and gray. The decoration style is simple. It was designed by the Spanish architect Marty. It is the only Atanub style building in the Far East (there are only two Atanub style buildings in the world. The building, one is in Norway, the other is the Bund Signal Station in Shanghai), which is also one of the earliest signal observation stations established in the Asia-Pacific region and is listed as a national key protected building.

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【Zhongshan Dongyi Road No. 1 / Bund No. 1: Asia Building】

Located at No. 1 Dongyi Road, Zhongshan, Huangpu District, Shanghai, it is also known as the "First Building of the Bund". In 1913, Maibian Yangxing demolished the original house on the original site and built a new building. It was completed in 1916. When it was first built, it was called the Maibian Building (later translated as the McBonn Building) because of the investors. The McBonn Company only uses a small part of it, and most of the houses are rented out. In 1917, Asia Petroleum Company set up a marketing center in North China due to business development. It met the newly completed McBonn Building and rented most of the houses in the building. Because of its influence in China, Asia Oil Company was approved to be at the main entrance of the building. With the sign of "Asia", people's name for the building gradually became "Asia Building".

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【Zhongshan Dongyi Road No. 2 / The Bund No. 2: Shanghai General Assembly Building】

The Shanghai Club is also called the Royal Club and the British Club. The official name is the Shanghai Club. It is the earliest western club in Shanghai. There are two generations of buildings before and after the Shanghai General Assembly Building. The first-generation Shanghai General Assembly building project broke ground in 1863 and was officially completed and opened in 1864. The second generation was prepared in 1905 and was designed by the British Royal Architect H. Tarrant of the Works Office of the Ministry of Works. After Tarrant died, it was designed by A.G. Bray. The foundation was laid in 1909 and completed in 1910.

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【Zhongshan Dongyi Road No. 3/The Bund No. 3: Yield Building】

Close to Shanghai The head office is located at No. 3, Zhongshan Dongyi Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (formerly No. 4, Zhongshan Dongyi Road, and the entrance is No. 17 Guangdong Road). It was once known as You Ning Building or Union Building. In order to create No. 4 (a number that some people think is unlucky), it is called the Bund No. 3.

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【Zhongshan Dongyi Road No. 5 / The Bund No. 5: Nissin Building】

The Nissin Building is a commercial building built by Nisshin Corporation in Japan on the Bund in 1921 and completed in 1925. The building is a blend of Japanese modern Western architecture and classical architecture.

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[No. 10~12, Dongyi Road, Zhongshan/No. 12 on the Bund: HSBC Building]

Among the buildings on the Bund, this most magnificent building is the HSBC Building. Built in 1923, it was originally the Shanghai branch of HSBC Bank. The largest bank building in the region is considered to be the highest masterpiece of modern Chinese Western classicism, and it is still recognized as the most beautiful building in the Bund complex.

In 1955, the Shanghai Municipal Government moved into the office from the former Ministry of Industry and Trade Bureau building. The HSBC Building became the seat of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. It was renamed "Shanghai Municipal People's Government Building". In 1956, the subsidiary building was changed to Shanghai Municipal Archives.

Since 1995, the new owner, Pudong Development Bank, has settled in.

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【Zhongshan Dongyi Road 13/The Bund: Shanghai Customs Building】

The "Sister Building" of HSBC is majestic and tall, standing side by side with the graceful and elegant HSBC building, complementing each other.

This eclectic red-brick building combining classical and modern Greek architecture, the Customs House, was officially completed on December 19, 1927 and became the tallest building on the Bund at that time. There is a tall clock tower on it, 10 stories high, and imitating the clock of the United States Capitol to create the largest clock in Asia and one of the world's famous clocks.

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[No. 15 Dongyi Road, Zhongshan / No. 15 The Bund: Sino-Russian Daosheng Bank]

HuaRu Dousheng Bank, now China Foreign Exchange Trading Center. It was built from 1901 to 1905. After it was completed, it was used as the Shanghai branch of China-Russia Daosheng Bank. The head office of the Central Bank of the Republic of China was also used here in the 1930s.

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[No. 16 Dongyi Road, Zhongshan / No.16 Bund: Bank of Taiwan Building]

It is now the location of China Merchants Bank Shanghai Branch. The building was built in 1924 and completed in 1927. Designed by British merchants and foreign firms, it is a Japanese style imitating Western construction.

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【No.18 Dongyi Road, Zhongshan/No.18 Bund: Macquarie Bank Building】

Macquarie Bank, also known as Chartered Bank (Chartered Bank), is an veteran Royal Special Approved Bank established by the British to do business in China, India, and Australia. It was chartered by the British Royal Family in 1853 and opened the first batch of 3 overseas branches: Kolkata, Mumbai and Shanghai. In November 1857, Macquarie Bank established a branch in Shanghai. The first manager of the Shanghai branch was McGary, hence the name of the bank. The building was completed in 1922.

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【Zhongshan Dongyi Road 19/The Bund 19: Huizhong Hotel】

The Huizhong Hotel was built in 1906. This century-old building has witnessed many historical moments. In 1909, the International Anti-Smoking Conference was held in the East Hall on the fifth floor. In 1911, all walks of life in Shanghai welcomed Sun Zhongshan as interim president!

In 1965, Huizhong Hotel was merged into Heping Hotel and changed to the South Building of Heping Hotel.

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【Zhongshan Dongyi Road 20/The Bund 20: Chinachem Sassoon Building】

The Sassoon Building was once the Chinachem Hotel and now the Peace Hotel. It was once known as "the first floor of the Far East". In 1877, the New Sassoon Company took advantage of the bankruptcy of the American business Qiongji Foreign Company and acquired the land at No. 20, the Bund, Nanjing Road, with 80,000 silver taels, and built two two-story houses, which were called "Sassoon "Sister Building", set up its Shanghai branch office here. In 1926, Victor Sassoon decided to demolish the old house, and his subsidiary Chinachem Real Estate Co., Ltd. invested 2.4 million yuan to build the Sassoon Building on the original site. In 1929, the building was officially completed. After the building was completed, it became the most representative building in the Bund complex. In 1956, Chinachem Hotel was changed to Peace Hotel for business. After the merger of the original Huizhong Hotel on the Bund 19 in 1965, they were called the North Building (The Bund 20) and the South Building (The Bund 19), respectively.

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[No. 27 Dongyi Road, Zhongshan/No.27 The Bund: Jardine Matheson]

It used to be the office building built by the British-owned Jardine Matheson in the Bund, the largest foreign bank in Shanghai in the past. It is located at the intersection of Beijing East Road and Zhongshan Dongyi Road, adjacent to the Yangtze Building in the south, and facing the Green Mail Building across Beijing East Road.

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【No. 29 Dongyi Road, Zhongshan / 29 The Bund: CALC Building】

The CAB Tower is the only building built by French in the Bund complex. CA-CIB is an overseas colonial bank chartered by the French government. It was formed in 1875 by the French Socio-Industrial Bank, Paris Commercial Bank, and Paris ABN AMRO. Its head office is located in Paris. In 1889, a branch was established in Shanghai. In 1911, CA-CIB demolished the original building to rebuild the Shanghai branch building. The new building was completed and used in 1914.

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There are many more historic building along the Bund. China Adventure Club will take you to each one and enjoy the great history of Shanghai.

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