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The Best Shanghai Tours Found On TripAdvisor

In Shanghai you can arrange to go to the Bund, which is a very conventional place, but you'll always want to go there! The Bund is also wonderful when there are few people, and the buildings you often see are so different from the ones you see standing across the street, that you can feel the wind blowing and walking along the beach. The Bund also brings you a kind of emotional sustenance, just like if you are walking in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, in addition to the scenery, but also a memory.

To Hangzhou, it's only an hour's high speed train journey from Shanghai South Railway Station. You can also ask your travel agent to give you a private tour to go, which is also an hour. The main place to play in Hangzhou is West Lake. I've been to West Lake twice, and it's best to take a map to stroll around, or you'll be dizzy. But aimless is also good.... It mainly depends on who you are traveling with. The West Lake is a circle, and it is very easy to get lost going around and around. In fact, the West Lake myself did not stroll to understand, have been to two times are in the kind of lake walking, walking mood is still very cool.

When you take your friends or family to Shanghai, play Hangzhou all together. When you take your friends or family to Shanghai, play Hangzhou all together. Stay next to West Lake at night and experience the night view, West Lake is really super beautiful and Hangzhou is really nice.

TripAdvisor Shanghai-Hangzhou Tour

On TripAdvisor, I found this Shanghai-Hangzhou two-day tour is pretty unique.

This 2-day tour covers the best of the best of Shanghai and Hangzhou famous for the West Lake and the historic attractions inside the park!

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Review of Shanghai Tours

User submitted photo of Shanghai

User submitted photo of Shanghai

User submitted photo of Shanghai

Reviews of the West Lake of Hangzhou

  • West Lake is quite beautiful, different weather has different flavor, after all, known as "clear West Lake is not as rain West Lake, rain West Lake is not as night West Lake, night West Lake is not as snow West Lake", but if you want to take their own beautiful, or choose a sunny day, after all, the light is better. On working days when the West Lake Su Ti white embankment can ride a bicycle, it is recommended to walk plus share a bicycle (after borrowing, please return properly, do not affect traffic), stop and go, to a ride around the lake, there are small circle (white embankment - Su Ti - Nanshan Road) big circle (white embankment - Yang Gongdi - Nanshan Road) two forms, the east side of the West Lake along the lake can only walk, to a section of Leifeng Tower has many small attractions, and can see the West Lake and the mountains. For what some of the broken bridge snow spots, have specific weather to go, otherwise it is very bland and boring. There are generally two forms of overlooking the entire West Lake, one, ascending the Leifeng Pagoda (from south to north), where it must be said that the Leifeng Pagoda is a newly built, lack of a rhyme, two, ascending the gem mountain (10 minutes to the top of the mountain, ascending the gem flowing sun from north to south). On the flow of people, white embankment, North Hill Street people generally longer time more, at the same time, West Lake Yintai surrounding commercial atmosphere is more intense, like a lot of people can go there. If you want to see a different West Lake, it is recommended to ride the Yang Gongdi, see the West Lake and Maojiayu, and then stroll around the Lingyin Temple and other attractions with plenty of time. Finally, I have to say that the West Lake's night scenery is quite beautiful on holidays, the West Lake Musical Fountain is also very beautiful (but generally more people, you can also see from a distance).
  • The West Lake in Qingming is very crowded. I've been in Hangzhou for a long time, and I've been there again since then, but it's almost worth it. In the Leifeng Pagoda overlooking the West Lake, the atmosphere and warmth of the lake and sky against each other, feel the glass protection of the broken wall, when I saw the scenic area (1924 Leifeng Pagoda collapse record exhibition board) a pity, otherwise the beautiful story, Buddhist culture and architecture must be more profound.

To the West Lake than West sub, light makeup is always appropriate.

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