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Updated on Dec 09, 2018 Useful Info

How to travel from Shenzhen to Hong Kong with the new high-speed rail

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  • The new train goes from Shenzhen North Railway Station or Shenzhen Futian railway station (mind it's not the metro stop, it's connected but quite a bit of walk)
  • I took the train from Futian so I will talk about my experience from there
  • Once you arrive at Futian Railway Station, look for the ticket counter. There is a dedicated counter for the Shenzhen-HongKong train. There are automatic ticket vending machines but only for Chinese citizens
  • Mind that the Futian Station is HUGE! Go there early as you need to walk a lot
  • Price: 2nd class 68rmb, 1st class 109rmb (The ride time is only 15minutes, so really there's no point to pay extra)
  • Frequency: it's pretty frequent, for sure once per hour, with additional ones added. (I wanted to take the 3:20pm one today for example but didn't make it, managed to buy a ticket for 3:38pm)
  • You then can go downstairs following the sign for Waiting Room, after passing security you just wait for the train. The checkin starts 15minutes before the departure time and stops 4 minutes before departure
  • The ride time is 15 minutes ONLY
  • After you arrive, you cross the customs. First the Chinese border. Make sure you fill out the departure card. Then after a couple hundred meters of walk, you cross the Hong Kong boarder
  • When you exit, you are right in the center of Hong Kong (Kowloon)
  • The whole process took me only 40 minutes with mild crowds (it was a Monday afternoon), with any old border cross before would have taken at least 2 hours.User submitted photo of Shenzhen