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Updated on May 16, 2019 Useful Info

Best months to travel to Siem Reap

  • November and February are two best months of the year to visit Siem Reap (warm dry season with moderate amount of tourists)
  • Followed by March and April (hot dry season with moderate amount of tourists)
  • Followed by December and January (warm dry season with tons and tons of tourists)
  • The worst time to visit is May through October (wet season)
  • It's because:
  • Wet season lasts from May through October and it's raining half the time so you definitely won't want to visit during this time
  • In the dry season that lasts from November through April, the day time temperature between November and January are in the low 30s Celsius (mid 80s Fahrenheit) so it's perfect. March and April day time temperatures are in the mid 30s Celsius (above 90 Fahrenheit) so it becomes a bit too hot for some people
  • December and January are the two busiest months in terms of tourism, so you will be competing with hordes of other tourists for everything from hotel to sunrise at Angkor Wat. Stay away in December - January to avoid the busy crowds