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A guide to find the best-prepaid sim cards in Singapore.

  • Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world to travel to. Switching to a local sim card while in Singapore will help you save some money. Singapore has 4 mobile telco service providers:
  1. Singtel- Market leader.
  2. Starhub- Second most popular provider.
  3. M1- Third most popular.
  4. TPG Telecom- 4G only.
  • Other new networks have launched in the recent past including Zero Mobile, Zero1, Gomo, My republic, Circle Life and Giga. These providers resell the major networks. However, these networks are not available to foreigners since you need to have a national registration identity card ( NRIC), which is only issued to Singapore citizens, to register a sim card.
  • On the four main you can register using either your passport (for foreigners) or ID for Singaporeans.

How is the network coverage in Singapore.

  • There is no 2G in Singapore, make sure your device is on 3G/4G before traveling there. Generally, all 4 networks have good 4G/LTE coverage that doesn't differ much across all providers in the entire city-state. The only areas without good network coverage in Singapore are in the nature preserves and remote islands. Singtel, Starhub, and M1 have also launched 5G recently.

Where to Buy Sim cards in Singapore

  • While you can find sim cards at Changi airport, they're sold at two to three times more than the actual price. The best place to find sim cards is at:
  1. 7 eleven.
  2. Sheng Siong supermarkets.
  3. Singpost branches.
  4. Cheers resellers.
  5. Authorized resellers of each network.
  • You only need your photo ID/ original passport for registration.
  • Once you purchase a sim card, you'll have to buy starter packs. Since most tourists only visit Singapore for a few days, it's best to go for the cheapest starter pack. You won't find cheap starter packs at the airport or downtown Singapore. Here starter packs start at aS$30. Check in Chinatown complex market or around Mustafa center in Little India district. You'll find starter packs starting as low as S$5 here.
  • Sim card costs also vary with some sim cards being sold for as low as S$5 while others go for S$60.


  • Singtel has both a postpaid and a prepaid sim card called Hi card. You can find Hi cards at all places listed above. Hi cards are valid for up to 4 months after activation without top-up and come in 5 variants:
  1. S$8 card that comes with S$10 credit and 1.5 GB data valid for a month.
  2. S$15 card, comes with 3GB data valid for 3 months and S$15 credit.
  3. S$20 card. This is a data-only sim card. It comes with 5G data valid for a week.
  4. S$38 card. It comes with 3GB of data and S$38 worth of airtime valid for a month. This sim card can also be used in Malaysia on the Maxis/ hotlink network.
  5. S$50 card. This card comes with 7GB of data and S$50 worth of airtime valid for a week.
  • The last two sim cards are the only Hi cards you can find at Changi airport. The S$50 card is only exclusively sold at the airport. Singtel's kiosk at Changi airport is at the RHB bank currency exchange outlet.

Budget tip:( Tourist sim card)

  • For foreign tourists take advantage of Singtel's Hi tourist card. The rates are better compared to those offered on Hi cards. Hi tourist sim cards are only available at exclusive points including; Selected Cheers and 7 eleven branches, all terminals at Changi airport, Ferry terminals, and selected retailers. Hi tourist sim cards can also be used as EZ link cards for metro and bus rides. Each Hi tourist card comes with S$3 EZ link value.
  • Hi tourist sim cards come in 3 variants:
  1. S$15 card with 100GB data, 500 local minutes, 30 international minutes, free Facebook, Whatsapp, and Wechat all valid for a week.
  2. S$30 card with 100GB data, free social media pass, unlimited local calls, 90 international minutes all valid for 12 days.
  3. S$50 card for 100GB data, unlimited local calls, 90 international minutes all valid for 15 days.
  • Top-up cards are sold all over town.


  • Starhub is the second largest provider in Singapore. They have three types of sim cards:
  1. Prepaid sim card- Happy prepaid sim card.
  2. Data only sim card- Prepaid internet sim.
  3. Tourist sim card
  • Their Happy prepaid sim card comes in three options:
  1. S$8 card with S$10 credit and 800MB data valid for 30 days.
  2. S$15 card with S$15 credit and 2.2 GB data for 6 months.
  3. S$50 with S$50 credit and 100GB for 10 days. This sim card is only exclusively sold at Starhub's outlet at Changi airport. The main airport outlet is located by UOB foreign exchange at level 2 departure lounge near gate D.
  • Prepaid internet sim cards come in a variety of sizes ranging from S$6 for a 2GB card to S$25 for 14GB.
  • There are two varieties of tourist sim cards, one costs S$12 and the other S$32.


  • M1 sells both prepaid sim cards and tourist sim cards. Their sim cards have the longest validity and it's the best budget-friendly option if you're staying in Singapore for a long time. M1 together with Starhub have the cheapest roaming rates.
  • Their prepaid product M card is sold in different sizes and starter packs, the most common being the S$5 and S$15. The S$15 pack is sold exclusively at selected M1 retailer outlets.
  • Their prepaid tourist cards are sold in three options: S$12, 30, and 50.


  • TPG is a new network, that began its operations in Singapore in 2020. So far they only have one prepaid plan that costs S10 for 50 GB data, 300 local minutes, and 1GB roaming in some selected countries valid for a month.