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Submitted on Sep 15, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to Singapore Botanic Gardens

  • Singapore Botanic Gardens is located in the smack middle of the city, and is extremely easy to get to
  • My preferred way was to use the MRT (the metro system in Singapore), which is both cheap and quick, and can get you right to the Gardens itself. But you can also get there by bus too, which is less convenient than MRT but is also quite cheap. Lastly, taxi is possible at a reasonable cost
  • How to get to the Botanic Gardens by MRT:
  • There's an actual MRT station called Botanic Gardens (located here), situated at the northwest entrance (Melati Gate) to the Gardens. It's the best station to use
  • The station is on both the orange Circle Line and the blue Downtown Line of the MRT, so is extremely convenient to get to from pretty much anywhere
  • Fares and payment method: Standard fare for a single-ride ticket is SGD$1.90-$2.50 (USD$1.4-1.8) from pretty much anywhere in Singapore, including Changi Airport. Payment can be made by cash, or EZ Link card which is the reloadable public transportation card used in Singapore. If you use EZ Link card, remember that in Singapore you need to tap when you enter a station, AND tap when you leave your arrival station
  • For additional information on the MRT:
  • Fare calculator: Note that credit card is not accepted for payment
  • Official system map: Use the map to help you figure out how to transfer trains to get there
  • How to get to the Botanic Gardens by bus:
  • Aside from the MRT, another public transportation method to get to the Botanic Gardens is by bus. The bus station is located right next to the MRT station, and also very close to the northwest entrance to the Gardens (Melati Gate)
  • I don't usually recommend this method to visitors because navigating the bus system is always difficult unless you're a local. However, if you're far from an MRT station, bus may be the best way to get there
  • There are a lot of buses that can get you to the Botanic Gardens, including: 48, 66, 67, 170, 170A, 156, 153, 154, 171, 186, 151
  • The best way to help you figure out how to use the bus to get to the Gardens is to use CityMapper app ( This app helps you figure out visually on a map how to get to anywhere in Singapore from where you are by bus, even incorporating real time bus arrival information. Alternatively there are some websites that can give you this information too, like
  • Bus fares and payment method:
  • Fare varies depends on where your starting station is, but it will not cost you more than SGD$1.5 (USD$1.1) from most places in the country. CityMapper app can tell you exactly how much your fare will cost
  • Best way to pay for bus fares is to use EZ Link card. This is the standard reloadable public transportation smart card, similar to the Octopus Card in Hong Kong and the Oyster Card in London. You can get this card from any MRT station in Singapore, including the MRT station at Changi Airport.
  • Cash payment on board the bus is also accepted, but no change will be given. Therefore EZ Link card is the best payment option and is how 99% of Singaporeans pay for the buses
  • Using EZ Link card on a bus requires you to tap to get on the bus, as well as to tap again when you get off. Get on the bus from the front door, and get off the bus from the rear door. While station announcements are made in English, it's also good to use your phone GPS to track station
  • How to get to the Botanic Gardens by taxi:
  • Taxi is of course always available anywhere, although I really do not think it's necessary because of how easy it is to use public transportation
  • The best way to get a taxi in Singapore is to use Grab app (, which is like the Uber of Southeast Asia
  • Fares:
  • SGD$13-$16 (USD$9.5-$11.6) from most places in Singapore, including the downtown financial centre
  • SGD$26 (USD$19) from Changi International Airport