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Updated on Oct 17, 2018 Useful Info

How to use the public transportation system (MRT and buses) in Singapore

  • One of the best things I loved about Singapore is its MRT system. It connects the entire island together and is extremely clean, modern, air conditioned, and easy to use. I really recommend you to use it in Singapore to get around, much cheaper than taking taxis or Grab everywhere
  • Prices: fares are based on distance, but you'll rarely pay more than $1-$2
  • How to buy tickets:
  • Every MRT station has machines that accept cash or credit cards payment
  • You should get the EZ-Link card from the station if you plan to use the MRT a lot (or if you plan to use the buses at all). EZ-Link card is the reloadable card that allows you to tap into and out of the MRT stations or any of the buses. You can also use the EZ Link card to pay for other non-transportation purchases like food (see here for list of places you can use the card)
  • Keep in mind that the EZ-Link card has a $5 non-refundable fee. But it makes it so much more convenient to get around
  • How to figure out where you need to go:
  • A great app is called CityMapper, which many locals use. It lets you input your origin and destination and shows you the best way to get around Singapore, even shows you how many calories you will burn
  • Google Maps also work well for MRT. I'm not confident in its bus data for Singapore
  • How to take the bus instead of the MRT
  • Buses can be useful if MRT station is far away from you
  • Again, CityMapper app is fantastic to use to figure out which route you should take and where the bus stations are. I personally don't really trust Google Maps data for buses
  • Bus etiquettes:
  • You need to tap on AND tap off
  • You must get on from the front entrance by the driver, and get off using the door in the middle of the bus (do not get off from the front of the buses)
  • Stops are not announced, so I recommend using Google Maps / CityMapper to keep track of where you need to get off
  • Press the red button to request a stop
  • Tap your card to get off once the LCD screen on the tapping machine stops displaying a big red cross