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Submitted on Dec 30, 2018 Useful Info

Singapore transport info.

For your budget worries, here's all you need to know;

  • From the Airport in Singapore (Changi airport) one can get airport shuttle which is the cheapest mode of transport to any hotel and they are bound to take you to the door step of your hotel.
  • The shuttles charge 5 USD per child and 9 USD per adult.
  • One can opt for a 4-seater vehicle at 65 USD to any destination or a 7-seater vehicle for 55 USD.
  • A limousine charges 50 USD to any destination.
  • Terminals 1,2 and 3 have airside(you do not pass through immigration) hotels. You can rent a shower there to freshen up for $ 8.40 or have a budget room with shared bathroom for $17.50
  • In case you have arrived in Singapore and you have 5 hrs to spare, you can decide to take a free city tour which is really amazing from the airport.
  • There are 3 such tours everyday.
  • While travelling around Singapore, you can book train tickets from the KMTB e-Ticketing website. This way it is cheaper and you are assured of a seat in the train.
  • Taxi services can also be booked online. However one can also decide to hail a taxi as they are found around the city.
  • In Singapore, you can opt to get around via ferry and there are a few companies that offer ferry services such as Penguin.
  • There are cruises that one can take and an all inclusive 2-night cabin cruise can cost as little as $400 per person.
  • A common destination for the cruise is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.
  • A person can opt for booking group cruises as these ones are cheaper.