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Updated on Feb 19, 2019 Useful Info

Be extra careful with kids at the Medina

  • The Medina area of Sousse is home to the great mosque of Sousse, the archeological museum of Sousse and one of the largest markets in Sousse. This area is constantly crowded and when with kids you have to be extra alert.
  • If you're with a kid who can walk on their own always hold their hand tightly and ensure they don't let go because the paths here are maze-like and it'll be very difficult to trace their whereabouts once they're out of sight.
  • Do not put your infant in a stroller (some babies carried this way have been stolen). It's safest to carry your baby in a baby carrier and wear it on your front.

User submitted photo of Sousse

  • Don't let kids eat anything sold here, the hygiene levels are poor.
  • KEY POINT. Due to kids being extra sensitive to unhygienic conditions, smells and stuffy settings it's safer to leave them at your hotel or home with a babysitter than carrying them to the Medina with you. It's not an ideal place for kids to visit.