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Updated on Jan 04, 2019 Useful Info

Essential apps to have while in South Africa

In this technology run era we live in, the ease of gaining goods and services is dictated by your knowledge of various online service and goods providers as well as apps. When in South Africa please download these apps, they facilitate your smooth stay in the country.

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Eat out

  • It caters for all your dining needs, eat out is a trustworthy restaurant guide app.
  • The app gives its users reliable information about restaurant reviews, their working duration, and the food served.

Price check

  • On this app, you can compare prices of products at different stores across the country.
  • It's essential to have this app while going to shop to avoid being overcharged by traders.

Mango/ Flapp

  • These two cater for all your flight booking concerns.
  • From the comfort of your room, you can book a flight to any part of South Africa using these two.

Span scan

  • No need to walk around with cash after installing this app.
  • All you need to do is transfer money from your bank to the app and you're set.
  • The app is very popular among South Africans and most traders prefer payment by spanscan to credit and debit cards.
  • It's easy to use, secure and very convenient.

Google maps

  • One of the best geolocation apps, google maps will help you navigate around the country easily.
  • It's easy to use and is very reliable.


  • Zulzi gets anything you need and delivers it to you in a matter of minutes.
  • There's a range of goods you can order on zulzi from liquor to food to household items.

Uber/ Snappcab/ Zapacab

  • These three will help you get the nearest cab around.
  • Getting taxis from these mobile apps is safer than getting unmetered taxis operating around the country.