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  • The truth is THE EVIDENCE IS STILL THERE, waiting to be found. Often times the steps an individual uses to cloak his activities is inadequate to destroy evidence of his wrong doing! The main question is do you need it or not and should a Private Investigator be included in this task? In the art of recovering information comes the recognition that files deleted by quick methods or even a quick format of the drive does not completely annihilate the data. Private investigators who used unconventional means to gather evidence for peculiar cases soon turned to technology to advance there means of data collection. A portion of Private Investigators who concentrated around these crafts even invented their own gadgets and tools through the ages then eventually became more involved in recovering data from computers and they burned practically endless hours working here. We at WDR are confident to have access to private investigators, and forensic analysts, who can get the evidence you need off of a machine that has been cleaned. The benefit of working with WDR is that like any other task we take as authorized private investigators, our relationship is 100% private. We recoup the machine evidence that few others could and we do so in a lawful manner and ensured examination, keeping your undertakings private.+27717294360 @