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Alex Medina

Alex Medina es el fundador de AnimeFLV, un lugar para ver anime español de alta calidad. is the best official AnimeFLV site in 2021 that allows watching anime for free. Anime FLV has super big data containing 10000+ anime with Spanish subtitles and 1080p high-quality dubbing. Currently, has not released any android or ios apps but can still be viewed on AnimeFLV.Video website - compatible with all phone, tablet, and laptop devices.

+ Website:

Contacto AnimeFLV:

- Correo:

- Teléfono: +34940 68 7741

- Dirección: Carrer de Còrsega, 398, 08037 Barcelona

- Servicio a País: España, México, Venezuela ...

Hashtag: #anime #veranime #animeflv #animeonline #animesgratis