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Safety Tips for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a place of endless wonderful scenery, friendly people, interesting culture, good food, and great fun. This country has so much to offer to both locals and tourists which makes the country become an irresistible choice. Although Sri Lanka is absolutely a safe place to travel and crimes involving tourists rarely heard of , there are things that you have to consider as tourist and that includes your safety.

The following are the safety tips that you should put in mind before leaving for Sri Lanka.

  • Always secure your things when travelling. Secure your money and your other valuables because petty theft is everywhere. Pickpocket is also rampant. Usually cases like this is hard to solve and specially more difficult for the police to return your stolen valuables.
  • A void extremely busy places such as malls, roads, and train stations. Usually, this is the most suitable place for small time crimes and since you are a tourist, you are not only an easy target but the most suitable target.

  • Be Aware of Scammers. Scammers and scams come in different forms and occurs in different scenarios. Some taxi drivers will try to double the price of the fare if they see that you are a tourist. Always take metered taxis instead of a taxi offering you a fixed priced. Do not hire a tourist guide from unknown sources, always book a tourist from a credible agency or a known individual from the area. Do not let someone you barely know get into your hotel room or any place where you stay. There is a big possibility that you would get your things stolen.

  • Be careful of the undercurrent. When swimming in Sri Lanka waters, be careful of continuing undercurrent. The tide can become so strong and can suck swimmers and surfers away from the shore if they are not careful.

  • Always get yourself vaccinated before travelling and be mindful of what you put in your mouth. When you travel to Sri Lanka, you may get exposed to different kinds of diseases and that includes common colds, hepatitis and etc. When buying foods, be it from a restaurant or street foods, be sure that your purchased food is prepared and cooked properly. Do not drink from tap water or public drinking water fountain. There might be certain types of bacteria in the water that will surely mess up your stomach.

  • Do not stay out so late at night. Crimes usually happens at night. Compared to daytime , night time seems to be the time when criminals go out.