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Sri Lanka trip budget

Amazing climate, easy connections to the rest of Asia, exotic cities and cost-friendliness make Sri Lanka the perfect destination for those wanting to go on an international tropical trip on a budget.

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Colombo city.

Food budget

  • Meals in Sri Lanka are relatively cheap
  • For only 2USD you can enjoy tasty treats at a local restaurant. However, most tourists prefer dining from tourist restaurants due to higher hygiene levels and fewer spices in the food served there.
  • At tourist restaurants lunch inclusive of drinks costs about 12USD while dinner goes for 15USD.
  • On average a tourist spends 25 USD on meals inclusive of drinks per day.


  • Sri Lanka has a wide range of tourist accommodation facilities that cut across all prices.
  • From simple beachside shacks to state of the art Georgian mansions one can get a place to lay down regardless of their budget.
  • One night at a standard room costs about 12USD while a standard family cottage goes for 20USD per night.
  • However, room prices tend to be quite high in major cities such as Colombo.

Moving around

  • There many ways to move around in Sri Lanka especially in major towns which have uber, train and public bus transport services.
  • Buses charge less than 10USD for a journey of 3-4 hours.
  • Trains were my best when it comes to pricing. Train rides cost between 1-4 USD at most. The only limitation of train travel is the lack of railway lines in some parts of the country.
  • For those who would opt to have a personal driver then you have to part with 50USD per day.
  • To cut down on expenses, walk if the place you want to access is nearby.


  • Most tourist attractions charge an entrance fee before a tourist is allowed in. However, it is completely worth it.
  • Most tourist attractions with exception of UNESCO heritage sites charge between 5-10USD. Historical temples and museums charge the lowest while UNESCO sites and safari trips are the most expensive and cost almost 100USD.
  • However, these prices tend to change at different times of the year depending on the number of tourists in the country.

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  • The budget per day for a tourist visiting Sri Lanka is averagely 50USD and therefore depending on the number of days you're visiting, do the math and carry enough cash.
  • I had a budget of 1000USD and it was more than enough.

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I never knew Colombo was in Sri Lanka...it's an amazing place as fact