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Updated on Oct 24, 2018 Useful Info

Getting from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to city center

  • There are 2 trains that run between Arlanda airport (the main int'l airport) and Stockholm. I took the cheaper SL commuter train to the main train station in central Stockholm. SL is the public transit operator in Stockholm
  • Info on the SL train I took:
  • Fare was 151 SEK (= ~$17 USD), and the ride took 40 minutes
  • This is in my opinion the best way to get in, because it's pretty cheap compared to the alternatives and the price includes connecting subway trains to any station within Stockholm. When I got off the train, I just walked to my connecting subway without needing to buy another ticket
  • To take this train, follow signs at the terminal for "Arlanda Central Station" (or follow signs for "SkyCity". SkyCity is the airport mall where the Arlanda Central Station is located in; between terminal 4 and 5). Do not follow signs for Arlanda Express, that's a special train not operated by SL (see "Alternatives" below)User submitted photo of Stockholm
  • There's no English announcements on the train, but there's a display for the upcoming station names in each carriage. The central station stop is called "Stockholm City" (the official name of this station is in English and you will literally see "Stockholm City" on the display)
  • Website: https://sl.se/en
  • Here's the guide to get back to the airport from Stockholm by SL train. Slightly more complicated because of how confusing the central station is
  • Alternatives:
  • Arlanda Express: a 20-minute special airport train, also gets you to the main train station in Stockholm. It costs 195 SEK (=~$22 USD). It's not integrated with the subway system so you will need to buy additional tickets if you want to connect onto the subway. To take this follow signs for "Arlanda Express" in the terminal. Website: https://www.arlandaexpress.comUser submitted photo of Stockholm
  • Flygbussarna: this is the shuttle bus option. Really cheap at 119 SEK (=~$14 USD) and takes around 50 minutes also to the central train station. The bus is very well reviewed and has wifi and power outlet. Website: https://www.flygbussarna.se/en/arlandaUser submitted photo of Stockholm
  • Taxi: cost is flat 500 SEK (=~$56 USD)