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Waterfalls in Suriname and how to get there?

Blanche Marie Falls

This is one of Suriname’s most beautiful and largest waterfalls and it stretches over 120 meters wide.

I failed to find a bus route there, so your options are -

  • book a tour
  • rent a car

As it is located 300km away from Paramaribo it will take a 2-4 day tour if with an agency.

Anyway - on your way to the falls stop at the indigenous village Washabo. Worth to visit this tiny community.

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Leo, Elena, and Irene falls, Brownsberg national park

This Amazonian rainforest park is home to lizards, beautiful butterflies, excellent birds, howler monkeys, and many amazing insects.

The most popular activity in the park is the hike downhill to the Leo, Irene or Elena Falls, which are about 45 to 60 minutes from Brownsberg Camp and which drop into small clear water pools where you can swim.

To get there you can choose the

  • a travel agency - usually day trips but also can be multi-day. These are offered at around €60 per person for a day trip, and €135-€165per person for an overnight stay
  • Take the public bus to Brownsweg then get a taxi (jeep) to Brownsberg from there. Try to reach out to Eddy who works in the Brownsberg area and offers a one-way jeep ride for 300 Suriname dollars €35 (per car) you’ll have to negotiate.

Eddy’s number is: +5978721734

  • Rent a car to go all the way to Brownsberg (only SUV or good 4x4 as roads to the park are very bad) approx €90 per day.
  • Take the public bus to nearby Brownsweg and then walk approx 4 hours to get to Brownsberg park. In total cost of €1

The bus (not minibus) leaves from outside the church called St. Rosakerk at 8.30am and says Brownsweg or Waki Basu.

It takes 2 hours to get from Paramaribo to Brownsweg with one toilet/food break.

The bus will drop you at the main shop (Super Liu Market and petrol station) in Brownsweg.

From this point, you are about a 4-hour walk from Brownsberg, which is pretty tough and uphill

Load with the navigation so you don't get lost.

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You can book the accommodation and pay the park entrance fee at the Stinasu Office in Paramaribo and they will arrange it for you. There are 5 main options regarding this:

  • hammocks €6 per night but you have to bring your hammock
  • camping €6 per night but you have to bring your tent
  • room for 4 people with shared bathroom without a lake view €20 per night
  • room for 4 people with shared bathroom with lake view €35 per night
  • lodge for €80

There’s no shop around either. So you need to bring your own food.

There is one restaurant that offers simple food and drinks.

Raleigh Falls

It is located in the Raleighvallen Nature Reserve along the Coppename River.

It can be reached

  • by small, local airplane (less than an hour) or
  • by car (200km) to be followed by a 3-4 hour boat ride.

The reserve headquarters and the tourist lodges are located on Fungo Island in the middle of the Coppename River.

From there you can get to the falls.

In the park, there is a granite mountain that can be reached on three hour jungle hike from Fungo Island. The Voltzberg rises about 150 m above the forest canopy.

The night can be spent in a hammock in a simple jungle camp at the base of the mountain.

The easiest way to get to the park is to book a tour that will cost you around 300Eu for 4 days.

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