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What to eat in Suriname?

This unique cuisine meets influences from four continents on its historical flows of immigrants. From Amerindian to Lebanese, from European to Jewish, from Afroamerecian to Chinese, from Hindu to Javanese kitchen blend.


Goedangan is a delightful salad consisting of green cabbage, green beans, bean sprouts, hard-boiled eggs, sliced cucumber, and shredded coconut. The vegetables are typically arranged on a plate, then garnished with cucumber and slices of hard-boiled eggs.

The salad dressing is a delicious blend of coconut milk, yogurt, lime juice, brown sugar, and chili peppers.

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This is a dish brought to Suriname by the Jewish immigrants. It has a flaky, golden crust and a filling with from chicken, carrots, peas, and eggs. Instead of a large pie, pastei can also be served as a small "empanada-like".

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Bami is a Surinamese noodle dish brought by the Javanese people. It has a sweet, savory taste because of the sweet and salty ketchup. It is accompanied by chicken marinated in sweet ketchup and slices of cucumber

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Moksi-alesi (mixed rice) is a Creole dish that is very popular in the country. It is usually served as a rice dish with fish or salted meat. On the side, you will find tomatoes, black-eyed peas, and sometimes even coconut milk, white cabbage, red onions, sliced cucumber, fried plantains, and some hot sauce.

It is a popular lunchtime meal.

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This is a potato salad that is unusual because of its pink color. Beetroot is one of the key ingredients of this salad which gives it a pinkish color.

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Bara is a savory Hindustani donut that is traditionally eaten as a snack. It is made from a dough from urdi flour, tajer leaves or spinach, cumin, curry powder (masala), Madame Jeanette pepper and garlic. Then it is fried until golden brown and is usually served with a potato or mango chutney.

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The berkat is made of white rice, yellow rice, fried noodle, mixed vegetable salad with coconut dressing, egg, chicken, peanut fritters and sautéed string beans. All it is wrapped in a banana leaf for extra flavor.

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Saté can be served with rice or just by itself.

Many restaurants all around Suriname offers this dish, but for a more authentic taste, search for a warung or Indonesian restaurants

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Masala Kwie Kwie

Kwie Kwie is a kind of catfish that are found in Surinamese waters. It is normally prepared using the widely known Indian spice, massala (curry powder) and Surinamese’s Madam Jeanette.

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Her Heri

Her Heri is a traditional Surinamese dish introduced by the Creole people. This dish has a long history which dates back to the time of slavery.

It is a steamed boiled plantain, cassava, sweet potatoes, boiled egg, and smoked or salted fish. Sometimes green vegetables like tayer leaf (tajerblad) or string beans (kousenband) are added to the dish.

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Bravoe soup is a hearty soup from the Creole cuisine which is made from cassava, okra and chicken or fish.

Bakbana Delicious fried plantain served with peanut sauce.

Bojo cake A thick, moist cake made from shredded cassava and coconut.

Peanut soup Don't leave Suriname without trying this delicacy.

Roti Grilled flatbread stuffed with spicy meats, potato or vegetables