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Submitted on Feb 06, 2019 Useful Info

Best way to get to Tainan from Taipei

  • Best way to get to Tainan from Taipei is by high speed train, which connects all the major cities on the west coast of Taiwan
  • Train leaves from Taipei Main Station, which you can get to by metro on either the red line or the blue line. You can also get on the train from the Taoyuan airport by going to Taoyuan THSR station
  • Train arrives at Tainan High Speed Rail Station, which is located well outside of the city center. You can take free shuttle H31 or H62 to get to downtown area. H31 gets to Tainan City Hall and H62 gets to Chimei Hospital. Alternatively you can take a 20-minute train operated by TRA (operator of regular trains) to get to Tainan Station, this costs around 25NT (<$1US). Lastly, you can take a taxi for around 450NT (~$15US)
  • Service is very frequent with 85 trains everyday. The first train is at 6:26 and last train is at 22:16
  • Trip takes 1.5-2 hours depending on the train
  • Standard fare is 1350NT (~$44US), but if you buy ahead of time they sell lots of 35 percent discounted early bird tickets