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Updated on Apr 30, 2019 Useful Info

Be courteous while in Tanzania!

Tanzania is a country build on socialism and therefore many people are particular about the etiquette that one displays.

  • It is paramount that while in Tanzania for one to greet people that they find in a particular place.
  • This is required more so when the people around you are your elders.
  • Always start with a greeting such as Shikamoo for the elders. It can also be used for age mates but it is not common when greeting younger people.
  • For younger people or even generally a could, you could decide to stick to a more common greeting; Habari.
  • Whenever you are buying anything, it is advisable that you use a polite tone with words such as tafadhali to mean please. Such phrases can also be accompanied by a smile to improve the relationship with everyone around you.
  • It is encouraged that whenever you get to a room with people, you ought to greet all of them even though you may be familiar with just one person.
  • People have several forms of greetings but in Tanzania, a handshake will suffice and occasionally people hug. Any other type of greeting should be done when both parties are okay with it.
  • Public display of affection is usually grinned at and may cause you to be kicked out of public places. Actions such as holding hands along the street and kissing should be done in private.