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Book an amazing Tanzania safari vacation in 2021

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There’s nothing better for getting you through the cold winter months than the prospect of vacation on the African horizon. Ernest Magic Tours & Safaris in Tanzania can help you to experience the vacation of a lifetime with an African wildlife safari tour.

At Ernest Magic Tours & Safaris are the true experts in arranging custom Tanzania safari tours that give clients the best opportunity to experience everything that Tanzania has to offer. From the incredible Tanzania wildlife safaris to the varied and exciting culture, Tanzania must be seen to be believed.

We have additional range of popular safari tours in Tanzania that take in some of the most incredible sights and sounds of Tanzania. Ernest Magic Tours Special Safari, for example, takes place over 11 days Tanzania and Zanzibar Itinerary where by guests visit the Serengeti National Park Safari which gives guests the chance to witness over a million wildebeest and around 250,000 zebras, a truly spectacular sight, the Magical Ngorongoro Crater Park which is among of the 8 wonders of the world, Tarangire National Park Safari with the large numbers of African elephants and Zanzibar for white sand beaches.

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