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  • The Udzungwa national park is located in Tanzania and is a national park that covers largely an area of 1990 square kilometers.
  • The nearest town to this national park is Mang'ula, this town has several guest housing for those who would like to be close to the national park. However, the city of Mikumi provides better facilities in terms of accommodation but the town is quite far from the national park.
  • The national park in itself does not offer accommodation facilities. However, to enjoy the full experience, tourists are encouraged to take up camping in out in nature.
  • The town boasts of a variety of vegetation such as the tropical rainforest, The Miombo woodlands are also found here and steppes grass. All these vegetations provide for an exquisite experience that would entice you to continue exploring.
  • The National park boasts of several nature trails that would have you leave a wake of beautiful scenery and even better vegetation to accompany you along the way.
  • The Sonjo trek is a beautiful one hour trek that is quite difficult but also a good start for beginners. The difficulty of the trek increases with the increase in distance. The Lumemo trek is the most challenging and is covered averagely in 6 days.
  • During your wonderful stay at the national park, you will be exposed to several species. the national park boasts of 6 primate species with two species that is the Iringa red colobus and sanje crested mangabey found exclusively in this national park. The Udzungwa waterfalls are also a sight to behold as they have a height of up to 170 meters. The park has over 400 bird species to impress you and surely bird lovers will leave Udzungwa with even more species to add to their collection.