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What's the Right Age to Go on a Tanzanian safari Tours?

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Safari holiday in Tanzania

When you’re taking a Tanzania safari tours with your kids, there are a few challenges that are worth keeping in mind. We generally tend to think in terms of money, but these have little to do with cost and a lot more to do with comfort and safety.

So, here are a few considerations worth noting.

Minimum age restrictions? Well, it depends…

Families that intend to go on an African safari, especially if they choose a Tanzania safari, should know that even though most of the African safari camps, as well as Tanzania safari lodges, are happy to welcome children of all ages (nearly), some of them like to keep an age restriction of 4 to 12 years.

If you consult a good Tanzania safari tour operator, this is one of the things that they will take into consideration while selecting the suitable accommodation for the entirety of your Tanzania safari tours. But, if you’re thinking of making a direct booking, you must make sure you check whatever child policy a safari camp or lodge has before you book them.

What about various Tanzania safari tours activities?

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You won’t find all African safari activities open to children of all ages. For example, white-water rafting, gorilla trekking, and such other activities have 15 years as the minimum age. Even an activity as simple as walking could turn out to be too adventurous, varying in degree of ‘adventure’ from safari camp to camp and lodge to lodge. When it comes to activities during your Tanzania safari holiday, such as canoeing or walking, like we just said, you may need to exercise your personal preference or parental discretion.

For kids with ages between 4 and 8 years, there are some safari camps that arrange programs specifically catering to them. Usually, there’s a guide who takes the responsibility of these children, entertaining them with a wide range of activities that feature around the camp itself. These activities include story-telling, bug collecting, painting/drawing various animals, birding, and so on. All the while, they keep an eye on the kids while their parents go on game drives or other activities that the kids are too young to be a part of.

In case you have teenagers, then it’s a different story altogether; most of the adrenalin-inducing activities might be just what they need to keep their minds focused while also enjoying themselves. Even children from the ages 8 to 12 are in many ways able to really appreciate going on walks or getting on board for a game drive. To this end, you may want to request a private safari vehicle, in case you feel that the camp of your choice or maybe your agent has not taken your situation into careful consideration. This way, you will not be infringing upon the travel plans and routine of other guests, and you can return to your camp when you think your children are ‘tired enough’.

Lastly, be aware of increased safari costs

Like I said before, this is not all about money; but, money is still one aspect you’ll need to be aware of. We were talking about how families with younger children, in a lot of cases, rightly prefer to go for private Tanzanian safari tours. If you too opt for something similar, you should know you’ll be required to book private safari vehicles as well as a guide for yourself. This should add to the overall cost, and so, it’s something you should be in know of.

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