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Updated on Jun 12, 2018 Useful Info

A complete guide on how to do tourist VAT tax refund in Thailand

All foreign tourist can get about 4-6% VAT refund on purchases done in Thailand with the following conditions:

  • You are a foreign tourist and did not stay in Thailand passed 180 days
  • Goods must be purchased from stores displaying the 'VAT Refund For Tourists' sign - I would just ask sales assistants instead of looking for the sign
  • Goods must be taken out of Thailand within 60 days from the date of purchase
  • Goods must have a value of at least 5,000 baht (including VAT)
  • Single purchases must have a value of at least 2,000 baht per day - so do your shopping all together!
  • You can only do the refund at international airports

The Process:

  1. On your shopping day, present your passport and request the sales assistant at the store to complete the VAT Refund Application for Tourists form (P.P.10) and attach the original tax invoice to the form. You need to keep the receipts
  2. When you at the airport, before you check in, look for the office with "Customs Inspection" sign (name may vary per airport) at departure hall, present your passport, goods, receipts and PP10 form to get stamps and signature
  3. Proceed to check out. DO NOT check-in valuable goods over 100K baht like jewellery, gold ornaments, watches, as they must be inspected again after you pass the boarder
  4. After security check and passport control, before heading to the Gate, look for VAT Refund Office. Present the stamped and signed form along with original receipts at the counter to claim your refund. Show your high valued purchases at the counter if applicable. Then you can get cash back unless the amount exceeds 30K baht, it will then be sent to your credit card
  • Alternatively, if you are in a rush, you can simply drop off your stamped and signed form along with the receipts in the box in front of the VAT refund counter or mail them directly to: VAT Refund for Tourists Office @ Revenue Department, 90 Soi Phaholyothin7, Phaholyothin Road, Bangkok 10400 THAILAND


*Important note*: Leave enough time if you plan on getting your refund at the airport, expect a long lineup especially during High Season (including the hot periods for Chinese tourists (1st week of May, 1st week of Oct, around Chinese New Year which falls generally in Jan or Feb)

Helpful infographic: