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Updated on Jun 08, 2018 Useful Info

Buying alcohol in Thailand

There are special rules related to Alcohol in Thailand

  • Special time period when you can not buy alcohol in grocery store, convenience store or liquor stores
  • anytime between 2pm - 5pm, or between midnight -11am
  • on Buddha Day: it's according to the Thai calendar, so date changes every year. in 2019 it will be on May 12th
  • around Election Day. Reinforcement on this day is more strict than Buddha Day. The ban often (but not always) starts at 6 PM the day before the election and ends at midnight, or the very end of the day of the Election. The next election day will fall in Feb 2019

  • You can drink in bars and restaurants during the restricted hours, but not on Buddha Day (however some bars may secretly bend the rule for tourists)
  • There is no open container rules like in the States, aka you can drink almost everywhere except for:
  • temples or places of worship
  • public parks
  • gas stations or gas station shops
  • hospitals and pharmacies
  • public offices
  • education institutions