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Submitted on Aug 24, 2018 Useful Info

How to fill out Thailand's arrival card (2018 latest version)

It's very straight forward. Here's what the arrival card looks like. You need to fill out both the front side and back side of the card:


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Couple of tips:

  • Make sure to not confuse the flight info for the departure card section (left of the tear off line) vs. the arrival card section (right of the tear off line)
  • Write everything in upper case block letters
  • Have your hotel/hostel/Airbnb street address ready (don't worry you don't need to write the address in Thai script. Alphabet address is fine. I just go by whatever address Google Maps shows)
  • The "Visa no." field is not necessary if you don't need a visa to go to Thailand (which is most people from developed countries). Just leave it blank if you don't have a visa. Obviously fill it out if you have a visa