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Updated on Dec 16, 2018 Useful Info

Pay attention to strict luggage rules when taking Spring Airline out from Thailand

Spring Airline is a budget airline from China, it normally offers great deals price wise but I just encountered the most strict luggage rule in my 20 years of travel history. Frankly if you know you’d be shopping, go for a regular airline

  • You get 15kg combined allowance aka your cabin + check-in luggage need to be under 15kg all together. They indeed weigh EVERYTHING you’ve got at the check-in counter except for water and 1 laptop
  • When over, there is no haggle room, it’s a 445Baht/kg charge, you need to pay at the separate Thai ticketing counter. Get a staff to accompany you if you are short on time so you don’t get lost
  • I’m used to take budget airlines like Ryanair or Easyjet while living in Europe, not too familiar with Asian ones yet. I heard AirAsia is always rather strict as well, would be great if someone can tip in on that
  • According to the message at the check-in you can only take 1 bag onboard, similar to some European airlines. I’ve got 2 at the moment so we shall see...?(update: got on the plane no problem, phew)

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Travelled to 32 countries / regions

On Jun 10, 2018

Just to follow up, I was able to get through with 2 hand luggages, but this is Chiang Mai airport so I can't speak for all occasion.