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How to get tourist VAT refunds in Bahamas

  • The VAT refund policy in the Bahamas is really good. It helped me save a lot of cash and the system is easy to use.

VAT refund policy

  • Qualification: All foreign tourists can get a VAT refund of up to 8% for goods above $25 bought in the Bahamas.
  • To be considered a visitor in the Bahamas you must:
  1. Be in the Bahamas for less than 45 days.
  2. Not have worked in the Bahamas for more than 6 months.
  3. Not hold a Bahamian passport or residency.
  • Goods with Tax Refund: All goods except alcohol, tobacco, medicine, and food.

VAT Tax Refund Process in the Bahamas.

The process is actually simple. Here is how I went about it.

  • Once you purchase goods from global blue stores, you'll have to fill a tax-free form. The forms are online, the cashier fills out your details in the form and gives you a printed copy of the completely filled form.
  • For every purchase that qualifies for a tax refund, you'll receive a tax-free form. These forms are more important than receipts when claiming your refund ( they never asked me for sales receipts). At the airport in Nassau, you'll submit the forms at the global blue offices. Sales receipts are not necessary since the forms already contain all details about your purchases.

Important Info

  • For consumables, you'll have to fill out the form. For non-consumables refund is sort of immediate since non-consumables are tax-free.
  • Even if you make cash purchases, you'll still have to give your credit card number. You'll receive your refund through your bank.
  • Always carry a piece of identification to prove you are a non-resident. The cashiers at the global blue stores won't fill out your tax refund form if you don't issue any of the following documents:
  1. Government-issued photo ID
  2. Cruise ID
  3. Passport
  4. Plane ticket.
  5. Drivers' license