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Mobile networks in The Gambia

I usually love visiting most countries with my smartphone. This is because i can get good and fast pictures and will always be available when needed.

The downside of this is usually tyr roaming charges that follow. Hence i usually get prepaid sim cards in most countries and buse them in my duration there.

These include:

  1. Africell
  2. Q cell
  3. Gamtel.

One of the key pointers of the network coverage in Gambia is:

  • The network coverage is stronger along the shores and the borders.
  • The network gets worse as you move inland.
  • Large areas of the country are still lacking in network coverage.
  • Network coverage in the major cities and along highways is quite good.


  • This Telco operator is the leading in network coverage and offers some of the fasted 2G and 3G connections in and around the country.
  • The speeds can however get slower as there are instances of overcrowding of customers.
  • The SIM cards are actually free to obtain however they must be credited to obtain.
  • The plans can be from as low as GMD 10 and scratch cards are mostly used for top up. They came in several denominations; GMD 25, GMD 45 GMD 100 and GMD 250.
  • It is paramount that your details are taken correctly when purchasing the card. This is due to the government crackdown on SIM card theft and identity theft.


This is the second largest provider in the country.

  • Q cell is the only provider to have a 3G+ model and in 2018 they tested for 4G/LTE however they had not rolled it out when i was there.
  • SIM cards are mostly known as "sunu SIM" and should be purchased at authorized vendors and dealers.
  • The SIM card costs GMD 10 and cones with the same amount in terms of airtime.

Do not worry about your smartphone in Gambia, they have you covered.