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Visa requirements in The Gambia

Just like any country, you need a visa or any sort of permission to enter the Gambia.

However Gambia has some very interesting visa rules.

Last minute arrivals.

  • When you arrive in Gambia in a rush and you did not have the luxury of following the due process, you will be allowed to enter the country aftet paying a fee.
  • You should then report to the immigration desk within the next 48 hours to submit your passport.
  • After that, you will pay for the visa that you intend to use.

Visa costs.

  • For US citizens, they require to pay $100 for a 5 year visa.
  • For an emergency express visa in another case, they pay up to $150 to get this visa.
  • For non-US citizens, you will be asked to part with £40 for a single entry Visa into the country and £60 for a multiple entry visa.

Visa length and extension.

  • For tourists that do not require a visa to enter the country, they are issued with a paper allowing them a stay for 28 days.
  • This can be done at the airport, tourist centre or most police stations in the capital.
  • For citizens requiring a visa, you can purchase a visa for the duration you require.
  • For those wishing to stay after 28 days, you could extend your stay and the payment is specificvto your country of permanent residence.
  • For each month you extend, you are required to pay a fee.

Children and Minors visiting the country should have a passport and a letter written by the parents and co -signed should accompanybthe child this is in the case of the child travelling with a guardian.

When travelling with one parent, the other parent should write a letter to confirm and agree to the child's transport.

This is to cirb child trafficking rings in the world.