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Jiankou Hiking: How did I challenge to the wildest Great Wall

Hiking the Jiankou Great Wall - My third Great Wall Challenge

I'd been to the Great Wall for two times but going to Jiankou is a new story. This was my third time to the Great Wall was in October. To be safe, I went with a group of friends who are the die-hard Great Wall hikers.

At about eleven hours by car, we came to Xizi Village Group 5, coincidentally we stayed at the last year's PengYou dwelling again. I felt that the rooms were much cleaner this time, but it was still cold and damp.

Putting down our luggage, we went to the back of the mountain again, while the sun had not yet gone down, all kinds of beautiful photography blockbuster was staged. Lots of laughter.

The third time I stood here and looked across the Great Wall, it was a different story. Some people say that the mountains in autumn are five-flowered mountains, the sun is setting in the west, the Great Wall winding and twisting, like a bow and arrow, is even more majestic.

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Prepare for My Jiankou Hike

My friend who had hiked Jiankou and Mutianyu before with Great Wall Adventure Club for this hike told me how to prepare the Jiankou hiking. He said Great Wall Adventure Club has a full list of hiking guidance.

After dinner, we had an early night. This time I brought my sleeping bag and got into it, and soon I could feel it warming up, and after breakfast we were off at six, only it was still No light yet, brought the headlamp flashlight came in handy.

Start Climbing Jiankou

This time, like last year, we buckled from the stream. When we marched all the way to the foot of the Great Wall, but found that someone camped here, go up and walk a short while to find the front of the enemy building on the There is a man's back is really too familiar, can't help but come out and call out his name. The head of the regiment said, how could it be, look closer, is really it, haha. It was fate, I was so happy not to see a familiar friend on the Great Wall of Jiankou.

After climbing the 38 stirrups, I found several familiar friends, but it turned out that they came together, part of them camped here, and part of them. People live in the same village as us. We were all very excited. So a group photo was taken.

It was a very intimate feeling to be walking on the Wall again, the rising sun seemed to be slowly rising from the Wall, and suddenly there was a The picture of a plane passing over the sun and the Great Wall on a high mountain is a very interesting one. We were so excited that we took pictures of it. We were so excited that we snapped pictures of it, leaving behind this beautiful moment. The ancient Great Wall, its history, its majestic and spectacular, and let us have a deeper understanding. Once again here at the Heavenly Staircase, it is no longer as scary as it was last year. There were many outdoor hikers climbing up from the bottom of the staircase. ability. When we came around the bottom, we noticed that a few of our team had climbed down from here, which was really frightening to watch! When we crossed Peking Knot, there were a lot of people coming up and going down, it was very difficult to climb, but fortunately, there were outdoor people putting out ropes, so we split up into two rows. It was only when I was walking down the road, that I encountered a few foreigners who came today. I thought the head of the group was in the front, but I didn't want to be the only one walking in the front, and I was worried that the narrowest place in front of me wouldn't be able to get through yesterday. Fortunately, there was a big brother in front of me who made it down without incident, so I called out to him, and with his help I made it down as well, and when I looked back I was relieved to find out that the captain had followed us. We had lunch together on top of an enemy building.

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User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China

The Western Wall of Jiankou

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After dinner, we went to the Western Wall, it was only 1:00, so we decided to climb the Nine Eyes Tower, and old big brother Gao said he was too tired to go. So the three of us crawled forward, but there was a cliff, so we had to go around from below, but it was a big slope, slippery and slippery. It's dirt, and it took a lot of effort to climb up, and it's just a pass where someone is sitting and resting, so ask, only to find out that there's one from the mile! The way down the mountain, finally relieved, this if in the return to the west wall down, must have collapsed. So we continued to climb up to the Nine Eyes Tower, not wanting the road here is really original, but met the locals, but said that five years ago there was no here! The road, all small rocks, five years later, someone stepped out of the road, is now see, dizzy, this way up, but the higher the climb, but the higher the slope, but the higher the slope. I couldn't see anything, just trees and these big, big rocks that were moving around, this big uphill climb. But to see a little boy called cattle, but from the back crawled up, asked to know, people still have two months and two days eight. The three of us finally climbed up to the nine-eye building at three o'clock, feeling our hearts go out to each other. I jumped out, but when I saw the Nine-Eyed Building, I came to my senses and started taking pictures again!

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It took a while for our hikers to climb up, all saying they were tired, some saying the locals call it Despair Slope, others outdoorsmen call it the Ghost Gate of Jiankou. It really felt like that, so we took a group photo, and the photographer who took our picture was very funny, exaggerating the shake to get it in focus! and made us laugh. The count was exactly fifteen, so we all headed down the hill, cautiously, fearing that these activities of the The rocks fell, the little kid named Cow also went down with his family, and a cute little dog climbed up the nine-eyed stairs and went When I reached a fork in the road, I felt like I was walking on the right, but two people were walking on the left. So hurry up and call the front to come back, we all shouted together, and the cow's little friends shouted loudly together, very interesting to hear the shouting They went up through the mountains and we finally came down to the residence, where the Captain and his men were waiting to pick us up. They said it took us eleven hours to get back. When we dined, we found that the fifteen people had every expression, and were convinced anyway. It was a bit of a pity that we didn't go on. After dinner, I heard that someone's pants had been torn and sealed with a piece of tape, and that my shoes were missing skin somewhere. The lower section of the mountaineering battle is also broken, but it works. One of my sister's shoes was also broken. The old sisters three clothes and pants dirty, haha, fortunately we are well prepared, all with a lot. After a simple wash, less than eight o'clock the three of us fell asleep, the sleep is really fragrant.

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The Potala Palace of JiankouUser submitted photo of The Great Wall of China

User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China

User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China

The next day, packed and ready to go, we left before six o'clock after dinner. No one said no more. We still went up by the ravine, but here today there was a charge, and some people climbed up by the Wall, while a few of us went up from the The ladder went up and the guy didn't care if we asked for money, so we climbed up, but the climb down was a struggle. And exciting for those strong asses. I liked the feeling, it was like using my hands and feet, sometimes it was big uphill, sometimes it was straight up and down, almost all of it was original. Out of the Potala Palace, the old ladder was gone and turned into sticks, which was a bit difficult, but encouraged by the donkeys! Climbed up, followed Mr. Wang from the edge of the cliff, climbing and wondering where that section of the drill hole was climbing to, only scared me to look down, when I Climb up, found that the head of the back is the first to climb up, ask before you know, we climbed the wrong direction, haha, did not think that they are also strong! Donkey once, hey! The road is much better after here, and in no time at all we'll be at the town's northern building. Look at the time only eight and a half. Nine o'clock when we started to go down the mountain, less than ten o'clock our car to pick us up, I did not expect just drive out not far, let the villagers stopped! But it turned out to be marathon biking ahead. We had lunch at a small restaurant in the area, which was very nice. Just finished, let us pass, look at the time only eleven. We had a very smooth journey, the driver and master level is very good, we returned home at 10 pm, the end of the three-day trip to the arrow buckle.

Each trip to the arrow buckle, has its own harvest, but also the hanging and reminiscence of the Great Wall, walking on the Great Wall, stepping on history to come over. It will really make you think, let's cherish the fate of this trip even more, unity and friendship. Cherish life and happiness. There are also regrets about not being able to climb the nine-eyed tower....

Opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared, when the next year's flowers bloom, in the renewal of the former fate.

User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China

User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China

User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China

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User submitted photo of The Great Wall of China