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Submitted on Jul 09, 2018 Useful Info

Best time to visit Tibet

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The best time to travel in Tibet is from June to August, followed by spring and autumn.

Here's a breakdown:

June to August :

  • Peak season, with the best scenery, abundant oxygen and pleasant climate
  • If you are visiting during this period, make sure to book accommodation and scenic spot tickets in advance
  • Around July and August is rainy season, must pay attention on the road especially if you are driving
  • Tibet has a particularly strong ultraviolet ray, load up on sunscreen

September to November:

  • The rainy season is over, the temperature is suitable, great time for trekking
  • There's the opportunity to see the true appearance of Namkabawah
  • Weather is very dry, load up on skin moisturizer!
  • It starts to get pretty cold around end October, pack thick coats and sweaters


  • Always heavy snow, Ali, Namtou, Motte and other places are not suitable for tourism
  • But! the Tibetan mountains and rivers in winter are the most spectacular, with the highest visibility
  • Very few tourists in Tibet, prices are the lowest in a year
  • Winter Tibet morning and evening temperature is very low, dress warm

March and May:

  • Is the season of peach and azaleas blooming in southeastern Tibet
  • Linzhi area (灵芝) is a major highlight of the travel
  • Not a whole lot of tourists, the price of tourism is moderate, and tickets to popular attractions are not tight
  • Strong wind, cold and dry