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Travelling in Tibet in the winter

Here's the brief from Melissa's original blog post:

  • Unlike what most people think, winter in Tibet is no different from winter in any temperate zone climate
  • A major benefit is that cost in winter is much lower than the summer in Tibet, some tours are even up to 30% cheaper, hotels also offer more discounts. Flights are also cheaper since it's slow season overall in China
  • Another benefit is there are much less crowds in winter
  • Climate and weather:
  • Winter in Tibet is cold, especially in remote areas in the west. Lhasa is however rather pleasant and does not snow often. Daytimes temperature can be as high as 10-15 degrees (but night much lower to about -5 degrees)
  • If you are travelling to the Everest Base Camp (EBC) be sure to bring a good arctic sleeping bag and the right clothing, hat, sunglasses (very strong sunlight) - Winter is also the best time to get to see Mount Everest covered in and surrounded by snow
  • Travelling in Tibet in winter also offers more authentic cultural experiences
  • many Tibetan festivals fall in winter such as:
  • the Tibetan new year - Losar. It falls on the 1st day of the 1st month in the Tibetan calendar, usually around mid-February. The most important and largest festival in Tibet, it is celebrated from around two weeks before the New Year and runs on for around fifteen days after.
  • Monlam Prayer Festival, which falls on the 4th to the 11th days of the first month of the Tibetan New Year, and is a tradition in Tibet to make offerings and pray.
  • Tibetan Butter Lamp Festival: The last day of the New Year festivities, usually on the fifteenth day of the first month
  • Many Tibetans travel and make their pilgrimages in winter

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