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Updated on Apr 25, 2018 Useful Info

Where gay bars are located in Toronto

Toronto has a pretty big gay scene. We have one of the largest pride parades in the world that attracts a lot of foreign visitors. Here are some tips to help you fully immerse yourself in the gay scene here:

  • The stretch of Church Street south of Bloor Street and north of Gerrard Street is pretty much the hub of gay scene in Toronto. We refer to this area simply as the "village" in the gay community. Outside of the gay community, you can also call it the "Church Street village", or "gay village" and most people in Toronto will know exactly what you're referring to.
  • Most of the gay bars and clubs in Toronto are clustered in this neighbourhood.
  • The most well-known ones (the ones that us locals mostly go to) are these:
  • Fly 2.0: vibe is very clubby; gets busy after 11pm; young crowd. 6 Gloucester St
  • Woody's: laid back, easy going bar; mainstream crowd. They play porn on the TV screens in this bar. 467 Church St
  • Crews and Tango: clubby but not as sleak as Fly; mixed crowd. 508 Church St
  • Black Eagle: older crowd, used to cater more to the leather scene. 457 Church St
  • Pegasus: I don't go much so I'm not familiar, but I think they have pool tables upstairs. 489B Church St
  • Buddies in Bad Times: I haven't been too much; it's a theatre I think that turn into a club on weekend nights. 12 Alexander St
  • Aside from these, any establishment in the village will be largely gay-focused. There are some chain pubs here as well that have regular bar food
  • There's a big bathhouse called Steamworks that's also in the village. I've never been but there but it's pretty well known. I think it's open all night (don't take my word for it though). You can check their rates here. Address is 540 Church St
  • General etiquettes and tips about going to bars and clubs in Toronto still apply to these places