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Updated on Feb 23, 2019 Useful Info

How to see the Northern Lights in Norway

Here's the brief from Maria's original article:

First and foremost, it's pure luck if you see it or not! But you have the following options:

Option 1: Guided bus chase

  • driving around with a guide looking for lights
  • normally start when it is getting dark and might take till the early morning hours
  • PRO: higher probability, you get professional photos taken by the guides, bus has toilets, hot tea and snacks

Option 2: Guided minivan chase

  • Similar to bus chase but in a minivan
  • Con: no toilet - gotta pee outside

Option 3: Night camp

  • May sound romantic if you want the experience but you have lower chance of seeing the lights as you stay in one place

Option 4: Go on your own!

  • Most spots are out in the wild. But there are 2 spots in Tromso which can be reached by public transportation!

1. 69°38’02.8″N 18°54’10.1″E

  • take bus 37 from Tromsö city centre to the South. Get off at Tromsø Museum and walk towards the water

2. Storsteinen Mountain Viewpoint

  • You can reach the viewpoint of Storsteinen by hiking or a cable car (see schedule) . See info on operating hours and schedule about the cable car:
  • There is a little cafe which serves hot meals and opens util 10:30 pm.
  • Ps: the night view is stunning here even without the northern light!User submitted photo of Tromso