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How to get to Carthage from Tunis

  • Carthage (Ruins of Carthage) is an ancient city that is located 15 km north of Tunis.
  • The easier way to get to Carthage from Tunis is by taking by the TGM light rail from Tunis marine station to one of the several stations in Carthage. Below is a list of the stations in Carthage and the popular destinations near them.

Carthage- Hannibal

  • Nearest destinations are:
  • Antonine baths
  • Carthage museum/ archeological park/ St. Louis cathedral.
  • Roman theatre.

Carthage- Amilcar station

  • The nearest destination is the American cemetery.

Carthage- Byrsa station.

  • Oceanographic museum
  • Punic Tophet

Carthage- Presidency station

  • Nearest destinations.
  • President's palace
  • Basilica of Saint Cyprien

Other stations in Carthage: Dermech and Salammbo

Train info

  • The train from Tunis to Carthage has a trip between every 15-20 minutes.
  • Train duration: 30 minutes from Tunis to Carthage- Hannibal station( most commonly used station)
  • Ticket cost: TND 0.5 (one-way ticket)

How to get around Carthage.

  • Multi-site tickets, that allow access to 10 sites, can be bought at any site within Carthage for TND 10.
  • All sites are within a walking distance, guides are available in several languages.
  • Important to note: Entry fees to Carthage museum are included in the multisite ticket but you have to pay an extra TND 5 to visit St. Louis cathedral.

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