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How to take a louage in Tunisia

  • Louages are long-distance shared taxis. You'll have to take one when going to areas not covered by train or bus within Tunisia since they are the only means of transport to such areas.
  • Where found: Louage stations. Louages which cover areas that are also covered by train are usually near the train station.
  • Fares: Are fixed. Approx 10 dinar for every 100km.
  • How they operate: Once there are 8 passengers the louage leaves. There are no departure timetables and fixed frequencies.
  • Safety: One of the things you'll have to bear with if you use a louage is overspeeding, louage drivers are known to drive really fast. My experience was also quite rough since I traveled during the hot months ( June) and these vehicles have no air conditioning. Sitting by an open window helps if heat bothers you.
  • Identification: All vehicles are white with different colored strips depending on their route and destination.
  1. Red striped-Louages between major cities.
  2. Yellow striped- Louages serving rural areas.
  3. Blue striped- Louages between two regions.