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Tunisia currency guide

Official Tunisia currency: Tunisia Dinar

Where to exchange currency

  • Exchanging your cash for Dinars at local banks, foreign exchange bureaus and post offices is cheaper than withdrawing Tunisian Dinars at an ATM.
  • The government regulates all currency exchange such that the currency exchange rate is fixed everywhere you go.
  • At ATMs, you'll incur an extra 4% charge upon withdrawing Tunisian currency.

Currency restrictions

  • It's illegal to import or export Tunisian Dinars. When coming in carry your foreign currency, credit or debit card, you'll exchange the money when in Tunisia. If you want services at the airport before exchanging your currency, a good number of retailers accept foreign currency especially Euros, British pounds and US dollars.
  • When exiting exchange back all the Dinars you have left. You may be required to produce proof that you had exchanged your money into Dinars in the first place so keep your bank receipts well.