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Prepaid Data SIM Cards in Tuvalu

Tuvalu is an island country in South Pacific, Oceania. It is among the world's smallest countries and is sandwiched between Hawaii and Australia.

It has a population of approximately 10,000 residents, majority of them residing in Funafuti which is the main atoll.

Tuvalu has only one mobile operator - Tuvalu Telecom Cooperation.

Tuvalu Telecom Cooperation, TTC

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  • It is a government owned telecommunication service provider.
  • It has a relatively poor 3G network coverage and I highly discourage from using this SIM card to access the internet. Buy WiFi vouchers instead

Availability of Telecom Tuvalu Prepaid SIM Cards

  • Visit their main Telecom Tuvalu office near the police station, 20m from Funafuti International Airport.
  • Here, you can purchase either 3G or 4G SIM cards.
  • Each prepaid SIM card costs AU$ 10 and comes with AU$ 5 credit.

Opening and Closing Hours

  • Weekdays from 9am to 3pm.
  • Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.
  • Sundays from 2pm to 5pm.

To recharge, buy scratch voucher cards and dial *211*<voucher code>#.

To check balance, dial *767#.

Data Packages

1. 400MB for AU$ 5 valid for 15 days

2. 1GB for AU$ 10 valid for 15 days

3. 1GB for AU$ 20 valid for 30 days

4. 2.5GB for AU$ 50 valid for 30 days

5. 5GB for AU$ 100 valid for 30 days

6. 12GB for AU$ 200 valid for 30 days

7. 18GB for AU$ 300 valid for 30 days

8. 32GB for AU$ 500 valid for 30 days

9. 60GB for AU$ 750 valid for 30 days

For more information visit their website,

WiFi Hotspots

There are 5 Telecom Tuvalu WiFi Hotspots in Funafuti which enable you to use more data at quicker rates. Their speeds are faster than the SIM card.

WiFi Vouchers Prices

  • 1. 100MB for AU$ 5
  • 2. 250MB for AU$ 10
  • 3. 600MB for AU$ 20