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Submitted on Jun 15, 2018 Useful Info

Dos & Donts when visiting the Monkey Forest

The monkeys in the park are used to seeing humans around, however they are still wild animals so bear those in mind:

  • Do not stare into the monkey's eyes, this is interpreted as a sign of aggression
  • Do not bring any plastic bags or paper bags into the park to avoid the monkey coming to grab them, also to keep the park litter free
  • Do not touch, grab or disturb a monkey, especially baby monkeys. Their reactions are unpredictable, sometimes may be violent
  • Do not wear sunglasses or other small objects, monkeys love grabbing those off people
  • Do not freak out when monkeys get in contact with you, they may sit on your head or shoulders - remain calm they are harmless unless they feel threatened


  • Wear a thicker top in case you are concerned about scratches. People have been bitten before. The monkeys are checked for disease every year so theoretically they are clean
  • In case of accidents, contact the first aid in the park and go to the hospital to get checked and shots just to stay on the safe side