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Clothing to have in Uganda.

  • Uganda is generally a very exciting country and very welcoming.
  • It is a country that enjoyed good weather throughout the year as it does not experience the four seasons as is common in other countries.
  • The major seasons are the rainy season which is divided into two; the long rains and the short rains.
  • The long rains occur during March all the way to May. The short rains occur in October.
  • If you are visiting during the long rains, you have to ensure that you carry heavy clothing and also braze for the rain.
  • This is because it gets really wet in Uganda and also it gets very cold at night.
  • If you plan to visit the national parks or go gorilla tracking in the various nature trails then boots, jackets and also sweaters should be in the luggage.
  • During the rainy season, the tropical insects are really active therefore, having mosquito repellent is very important.
  • This is most important if you plan on going backpacking or hiking.
  • The dry season is very perfect for going to visit the islands on Lake Victoria and also the crater lakes in the country as the water volume is not as high.
  • Also during the dry season, you can really enjoy the culture of the Ugandan people as they are usually out and about.
  • Temperatures during the dry season can get to as high as 28 degrees celsius which can be very high.
  • Ensure to carry light clothing so as to enjoy the trip through the country.
  • Ugandans are usually very reserved people, therefore, short dresses or clothing that expose skin are really frowned upon.
  • Ensure you have a shoal or 'Lesos' which are sold in markets all over Uganda to cover up.
  • They are light and let you appear descent.
  • Ugandans are very welcoming people and the country is full of culture. Make sure to enjoy it.