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Cuisine to try out in Uganda.

  • Uganda is a country that hosts a wide range of cuisine for you to tantalise your taste buds with.
  • The entire country does not have a single staple food for you to try out, however, each region has its own common meal which is great as this diversifies the food in the country.
  • Street food is a common theme all around the country and the vendors offer very incredible foods at ridiculously cheap prices.
  • One thing to note, however, is that most of the foods in Uganda are full of starch as this is common and indigenous to the people.


  • Because the country borders Lake Victoria, fish is a very common food to find in the towns close to the lake.
  • You can get fully fried Tilapia or it can also be roasted. These fish are sold on the streets or even in hotels.
  • Nile perch is also a good example of another species of fish easily found.
  • If you are a fan of white meat or freshwater fish then Uganda is a place you really should visit.


  • There are several variations of this dish however it mainly consists of Plantains of bananas.
  • In some areas, the plantain is fried and in others, the bananas can be stewed.
  • The beauty of this country is that the food is cheap and therefore you can try out as many recipes to find the one that suits your taste buds.
  • Matoke is a common meal as Uganda are gross producers of bananas and this makes it a readily available meal.

  • Some other meals that deserve a mention include Luwambo which is fish, meat or groundnut sauce steamed in banana leaves.
  • Luwombo is usually served with any other carbohydrates such as rice or Ugali.
  • To the north of the country, millet foods are mostly common while those in the west mostly major on Irish and sweet potatoes.