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How to get around Uganda.

  • There are several ways of getting around Uganda.
  • Most of the transport system is by road. However, on the road, there are several means of transport.
  • When travelling to Uganda, you could book with a travel agency where you will have a tour guide help you around.
  • However, as a backpacker, or if you want to get around alone, the following are the means of transport that you could use.


  • Kampala, just like other towns around Uganda, have boda-boda which are bicycles or motorcycles that can get you around.
  • This transport type is mostly used around the major town centres or cities in Uganda.
  • Travelling long-distance on a boda-boda can be very painful for your back and very uncomfortable.
  • Boda-boda is an exciting way to get around the town, however, be careful as they can easily be involved in accidents.


  • In buses, there are two main types of buses that operate in the country.
  • There the minibuses, which are also called matatus.
  • These operate along fixed routes.
  • Take care not to be swindled by some shrewd conductors who also looked to con foreigners.
  • However, these matatus do not have fixed schedules.
  • These matatus can be found at the bus stage, and when you get there, you have to wait for them to get full before they depart.
  • When you get to your destination, you just tell the conductor that you want to alight.
  • The other buses, have to be booked at the bus station and these mostly ferry passengers over long distances.


  • You can use the new taxi apps that are penetrating Eastern Africa such as Uber and Bolt.
  • Here, you can book your taxi and it will pick you and drop you at your location.
  • Payment can be through cash or cashless via debit cards or credit cards.