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How to get to Kampala city center from Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe airport is about 1-2 hours away from Kampala depending on traffic. If you arrive in Entebbe in the morning expect to take longer to get to Kampala since you’ll be moving in the direction of traffic, if you arrive after lunch you'll take less time to arrive in Kampala since you'll be moving against traffic.


  • Most tourists will take taxis from the airport which will cost you about 10 times more than the normal transport cost from Entebbe to Kampala.
  • Immediately you leave customs taxi drivers will be all over.
  • Except to pay between $20-35.( Ush70000-105000)
  • There’s also Uber in Kampala and it’s available at the airport. Uber will cost about $25.
  • Budget tip: Walk from the arrivals area towards the outer side of the airport along the main road and pick a taxi from here. Except to pay between $10- $15 to Kampala. (Ush 35000-45000)


  • There is no regular bus service from the airport directly to Kampala.
  • You can pick minibusses in Entebbe town, this is what I always do.
  • Take a taxi or a motorcycle from the airport, the cheaper taxis along the main road will take you to Entebbe bus station for only $2 ( Ush 7600)
  • Motorcycles are cheaper and will cost you $1(Ush 3800) to get to Entebbe bus station.
  • You will easily spot the minibuses heading to Kampala, they have signposts indicating the destination and price.
  • Entebbe -Kampala route is a very common route and the minibus will be full in a matter of minutes. They’ll be few or zero stop over a along the way, expect to be in Kampala in 2 hours.
  • Fare is about $2 to Kampala.
  • Once in Kampala you can easily to every neighborhood within the city by motorcycle or taxi.

My personal opinion

Entebbe is a much better town than Kampala, it’s less chaotic and more tourist friendly and accommodation is cheaper here. I'll recommend finding accommodation in Entebbe as opposed to Kampala.