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Places to visit in Uganda.

  • Uganda is a country in East Africa and there are very many places to visit.
  • The climate in the country is usually very good and you can visit throughout the country and there are very many activities to do in the country.

Queen Elizabeth National Park.

  • This national park has very many sectors.
  • Each sector brings with it new experiences since they have different scenery and animals to be seen.
  • The section between Lake Edward and lake George is well known for having a high concentration of animals.
  • The animal that is mostly found here are the antelops which can also be seen on the country's court of arms.
  • The Kazinga channel has a high concentration of hippos which were once tallied at 30,000.
  • This park is also famous for the tree climbing lions.

Lake Bunyonyi.

  • This lake is found near the town of Kabele.
  • It is a volcanic lake that sits more than 2000 meters above see level.
  • This is considered one of the most beautiful places in the entire country.
  • The lake also has 29 islands in it and these lakes are all accessible by boat.
  • The towns around the lake also have good accommodation that allow you to enjoy the place without long travelling.

Ssese islands.

  • This is a beautiful stretch of islands found in Lake Victoria that have a very good scenery.
  • They have forests and beautiful beaches on them.
  • To get to the island, you can take a ferry from Entebbe or from Masaka.
  • Busi island is also a good alternative for you.
  • It is 45 minutes from Entebbe by boat and there are camp sites that you can go enjoy your stay and have an outdoor adventure.
  • Be sure though to carry insect repellent.